The experience gathered and the knowledge obtained along the years allows ARPL to develop studies and projects of high quality in the following areas, Civil, Mechanical, Electrical and Instrumentation and Control, Systems, Chemical, Geological and Environmental and Economical and Financial.
ARPL offers development and project engineering management, granting the client a total quality control, which goal is to get the best costs, and finish the project on time. ARPL has developed a project management method based in the standard of the Project Management Institute (PMI) applied in each phase and project process; ARPL also has the Project EIS software to analyze, consult and manage successfully all its projects.

The development of a project includes the following:

Technical and Economic Feasibility Studies
The project is conceived specifying concepts, products, markets, technology and basic equipment. Initial investment and financing estimates are elaborated.
Alternatives, investment return and cash flow are analyzed. An initial program for the project is developed.

Basic Design and Engineering
Process, equipment, and service design and specifications are developed; also geological, architectural, civil, structural plans, and control diagrams, as well as civil engineering, electrical engineering technical designs and specifications and instrumentation and control.

Detail Engineering

Analysis, calculations and designs are made for civil, mechanical, and electrical engineering and instrumentation and control standards are set. Detailed lists of materials,  job size and production and assembly procedures are established.

Financial Management
Investment cost is defined and different financing alternatives are studied. Preferred interest rates are negotiated considering exchange risk and payback periods.

Project Management and Supervision
General organization of project execution with emphasis on quality control, time and cost. It includes information management (drawings, contracts, communications). Bid documents are prepared before negotiation, assessment and selection of suppliers and contractors. Construction planning and coordination are made; civil work supervision, mechanical production and equipment assembly, guaranteeing quality in all stages. Specialized technical assistance is provided.

Start up and Operation Control
Revision of facilities, equipment commissioning, guarantee trials, delivery to customer.

Impact Environmental Study and Authorizations and permissions
In order to protect the environment, ARPL associates the projects with a sustainable administration of resources, including environmental impact evaluation as part of its deliverables.

Likewise ARPL conducts the respective authorizations and permissions by request of our customer and obeying all the law requirements.
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