The experience gathered and the knowledge obtained along the years allows ARPL to develop studies and projects of high quality in the following areas, Civil, Mechanical, Electrical and Instrumentation and Control, Systems, Chemical, Geological and Environmental and Economical and Financial.
ARPL offers advisory and technical assistance services to monitor the plant's productive efficiency. These services include:
Periodic issuance of:
1. Technical reports containing assessment of process performance, production efficiency, mechanical and electrical maintenance assessment.

2. Raw material and quality reports including quality control analyzing raw material, materials in process, and final product; mixtures are designed for the best use of resources.

3. Economic reports assessing production costs for a better use of fixed assets.
Permanent Advisory
Answers to inquiries related to the plant, such as production problems, new equipment and technology, improvement in control system, maintenance market studies.

Special Services
Specific studies and research required by the customer, such as determination of raw material deposit reserves and quality.
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