The experience gathered and the knowledge obtained along the years allows ARPL to develop studies and projects of high quality in the following areas, Civil, Mechanical, Electrical and Instrumentation and Control, Systems, Chemical, Geological and Environmental and Economical and Financial.
ARPL’s Laboratory was created as a fundamental part for the development of various projects, originally oriented towards cement and clinker to later expand its services to other materials such as coal, aggregates, concrete and environment, becoming the first industry in this field. Since 1995 this Laboratory counts with a Certificate from INDECOPI “NTP-ISO/IEC 17025” assuredness of its quality system. The dedication and proficiency with which tests are conducted account for the laboratory's high reputation and leading status in the field. It is our staff's responsibility's to keep this leadership, thus, permanent quality auditing of the laboratory is performed. ARPL laboratory has an updated information system which allows the report of test results accurately and in the shortest time.

The lab ARPL provides its services in the following areas:

Metalic and non metalic minerals
Chemical analysis of cements, limestone’s, gypsums, sands, minerals and coal following the ASTM methods as reference.

Determination of concentration of particles on material, sulphur dioxide and metals in the exit of the industrial chimneys. Metal analysis of environmental dust in accordance with EPA methods.

Fluorescence of X Rays
Quantitative and qualitative analysis of numerous materials such as clays, minerals, pigments among others in a fast and reliable way determining the different elements found in the sample.

Physical and mechanical test
Besides other specialized physical tests in the cement and concrete areas, offers different services of grading laser analysis and other related tests.

Development and Research
ARPL’s Laboratory counts with a variety of resources for calibration, research and development of new products as well as test methods related to the construction industry in order to solve problems in the plant’s production.

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