The experience gathered and the knowledge obtained along the years allows ARPL to develop studies and projects of high quality in the following areas, Civil, Mechanical, Electrical and Instrumentation and Control, Systems, Chemical, Geological and Environmental and Economical and Financial.

ARPL offers outsourcing and integration services as also the development, implementation and maintenance of the management tools.

ARPL has a net data base with more than 100 work stations with high standard technology equipped with an up-to-date and certified software. Our software substructure is based on the Microsoft servers. Our Web applications (Client-Server) for development are based in Java and Net, Power Builder and Visual Basic. Our life cycle for development is aligned with global standards, such as ISO 9001, UML, RUP, PMBOK, ITIL. The permanent training of our qualified personnel are critical factors for the efficient handling of our services.

Development, Implementation and Maintenance of Software Tools
The best software tools in local and international markets are evaluated to satisfy the clients’ demands according to the best cost/benefit relationship.

By now ARPL has applied the necessary tools for the administrative, commercial, logistics and production process as well as the maintenance of equipment and dispatch; Business Intelligence and Report Systems, Cost and Quality Control.

Integration Services
The purpose of the integration services is to improve the commercial practices through the analysis process and applying information technologies and covers all the necessary activities including the integration of the technical components, organization and documentation. The components of information in technology have been designed and integrated in accordance to the business. Some tasks carried out within this service are the following: GAP Analysis, Benchmarking, Manufacture tests of businesses process models and Evaluation, Economical Analysis (Decision to acquire), feasibility studies, and the Design of Alternative Systems studies.

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