18-Sep-08 - Hydroelectric power station el Platanal – up and running
Management, supervision, commissioning and start up of the project was assigned to ARPL. The station is located in the Cañete river basin and will produce 220 MW. Recognized companies are involved in ... (more...)
18-Sep-08 - Sixth combined grinding of cement
On August 2008, ARPL and Cemento Andino achieved the startup of the sixth cement mill. The purpose of this project is to expand the present grinding capacity, satisfying the increasing demand of cemen... (more...)
18-Sep-08 - Atocongo plant enlargement
Due to the increasing demand, Cementos Lima has decided to increase its plant capacity from 10,700 to 15,000 tons of clinker per day, and ute other projects in accordance with its environment and soci... (more...)
18-Sep-08 - Bagging and dispatch capacity enlargement Lines 5 and 6
As part of its investment project and due to the increase of production, Cementos Lima has decided to add two new Haver amp; Boecker bagging machines to feed four lines for trucks loading. The projec... (more...)
18-Sep-08 - Kiln III Control System Modernization 2nd stage
The objective of this project is to ensure the continuous operation of Cemento Andino’s kiln III avoiding unexpected stops. This modern control system permits an adequate control of production paramet... (more...)
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CAPECO paid tribute to Mr. Jaime Rizo Patrón Remy
During the ceremony for the 50th Anniversary of the “Cámara Peruana de la Construcción” CAPECO Peruvian Chamber of Construction, which congregate numerous politician and entrepreneurs, a special tribute was paid to Mr. Jaime Rizo Patrón Remy for his work as leader and pioneer of the Peruvian industry, particularly in the cement industry. Mr. Rizo Patrón received a diploma and a gift from the president of the institution, Mr. Lelio Balarezo Young and the Prime Minister, Jorge del Castillo Gálvez. Mr. Rizo Patrón, President of the Board of Directors of Cementos Lima mentioned “CAPECO is our model that always moves forwards in the development of our country, even in the most difficult moments”. His wife Cecilia de la Piedra, his daughters Juanita, Cecilia, Ana María, María Elena and Claudia, as well as his sons Jaime, Ricardo and Marcelo accompanied Mr. Rizo Patrón. “The construction industry is the main support for development that is why I totally agree with CAPECO’s motto for this
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