18-Sep-08 - Hydroelectric power station el Platanal – up and running
Management, supervision, commissioning and start up of the project was assigned to ARPL. The station is located in the Cañete river basin and will produce 220 MW. Recognized companies are involved in ... (more...)
18-Sep-08 - Sixth combined grinding of cement
On August 2008, ARPL and Cemento Andino achieved the startup of the sixth cement mill. The purpose of this project is to expand the present grinding capacity, satisfying the increasing demand of cemen... (more...)
18-Sep-08 - Atocongo plant enlargement
Due to the increasing demand, Cementos Lima has decided to increase its plant capacity from 10,700 to 15,000 tons of clinker per day, and ute other projects in accordance with its environment and soci... (more...)
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